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  • Culligan Water Softeners save so much money, it’s like adding more money to your budget each week!

    Here’s how Soft Water Saves You Money:

    • The University of New Mexico discovered softened water can reduce hot water heating costs 29.6%.
    • The Battelle Institute revealed that soap, laundry, and dish-detergent usage can be cut by up to 75%!
    • Plumbing and Fixtures will be free of hard water build-up.
    • Clothes won’t fade or lose color as quickly.
    • Towels will stay fuller, fluffier, and last longer.
    • Appliances that use water will have a longer life.
    • Soap Scum will no longer build up on bath tubs, shower doors, or your skin.

    With Culligan, cleaning bathrooms doesn’t have to be an all-day job!

    Is your Water working for you… or against you?

    The term “Hard Water” refers to the amount of dissolved minerals (primarily limestone) in the water. It is usually measured in (gpg) grains per gallon or (mg/L) milligrams per liter.  Homeowners will likely experience “Hard Water” spots on shower doors and dishware. They may not be aware of all the other problems associated with “Hard Water”.


    According to the US Geological Survey:

    Hard water requires more soap and synthetic detergents for home laundry and washing, and contributes to scaling in boilers and industrial equipment. Hardness is caused by compounds of calcium and magnesium, and by a variety of other metals. General guidelines for classification of waters are: 0 to 60 mg/L (milligrams per liter) as calcium carbonate is classified as soft; 61 to 120 mg/L as moderately hard; 121 to 180 mg/L as hard; and more than 180 mg/L as very hard.

    So how hard is the water in Lake Havasu City?

    Lake Havasu City Water Hardness

    In other words, according to USGS, our water is VERY HARD.

    Keep in mind that water does vary a bit from house to house and even at different times of the year. Lake Havasu City water, for instance is generally around 340 mg/l of total hardness (~20 grains per gallon) however wells in the surrounding areas can get 3x that high and reach over 1000 mg/l (60 grains per gallon). The best way to determine how hard the water is at your house is with a Free Water Analysis. Fill out the contact form in the upper right to get started.


    So how is SOFT water better than HARD water?

    Hard water is hard on appliances, hard on hot water heaters, hard on pipes, hard on your skin and hair. Soft water cleans better, saves time, money and energy. Once you experience life with a Culligan water softener, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The soft, treated, conditioned water you get from a Culligan water softener will make life easier all around your house. With soft, Culligan water you will notice a dramatic difference everywhere you use water:

    • Tubs and showers are no longer covered in soap scum and spots
    • Sinks and faucets are cleaner with little or no scale buildup
    • Clothes, linens and towels are much softer to the touch
    • Appliances work more efficiently and last longer
    • Pipes are clearer and free of scale buildup
    • Use up to 75% less detergent and soap
    • Clothes are cleaner and brighter


    What makes Culligan my best choice?

    Culligan Water Softeners have been a Consumer Digest Best Buy since 2004

    Culligan HE Softener

    Culligan HE Water Softener

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    Consumer Digest Best Buy Water Softener

    Consumer Digest Best Buy Softener

    Sure we might be a bit biased, but these third-party awards let you know you’re getting the BEST WATER SOFTENER on the market. More importantly, every Culligan Water softener comes with a Culligan Man so whether you need service, salt delivery, or help moving your softener from your old home to your new home, we’ll be here to help. We live and work in Lake Havasu City and we’re here to stay.

    After all, what good is our top of the line Limited Lifetime Warranty if there’s not going to be someone here in another 30 years to honor it?

    The CULLIGAN Promise …


    No Hassle, No Charge, in-home water Test

    Don’t worry about some slick salesman coming to your home and putting the pressure on you. We’ll check your water, look into installation options and answer your questions. No pressure, No hassles, No BS. It’s the Culligan Promise. Contact me personally if you have any questions or  use the contact form in the upper-right to setup your Free Water test.


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